Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find a list of frequently asked (and answered ;-) questions.

Can I use the heatmap generator outside ClickHeat (for my own application)?

Since 1.2 you can do that (still using PHP and GD of course), please have a look at the Heatmap Class.

Debug mode answers "forbidden domain/group" and no click is logged:

This is because you've specified a "whitelist" of domains/groups in the configuration. If the configuration field is empty, then all clicks are logged. If there's a value, then the click must be okay. For example, if you have whitelisted the groups "home, contact, links", then the click's group must be one of these three. Be careful with domains, these must be fully declared: won't allow You must define both as ",".

I've lost my admin password, how can I reset it?

First solution is to edit the file: clickheat/config/config.php, and change the value facing 'adminPass' by '098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6' which is the password 'test'. Save the file and login with your admin name and the password 'test'.The second solution is to remove the file (do not remove the clickheat/config.php which is not the good one!), but you'll have to run the configuration again (by the way, all clicks data will be kept).

Horizontal position of clicks on the heatmap is totally wrong:

You may define your page's layout by clicking the logo right next to the Group's name (dropdown box) and choose the layout that fits your website. Else the layout is considered as liquid (100%) and if yours is fixed, clicks won't be correctly placed.

Heatmap shows red squares:

Default was to try the fatest way to render the map, but some versions of GD don't handle it correctly. Please check the specified checkbox in your configuration.

The admin page doesn't show the whole page (only the top 50 pixels):

Choice was made to show only the part of the page that has clicks. Just select another page or another date range with enough data

The admin page reload itself to show my website (full page):

You should disable javascript code on your website that forces reloading pages if they are in a frame.

Firefox is running very slow on the admin page:

It seems Firefox has a problem while handling transparent PNGs, even if there's only a PNG on the page. So sorry, no fix for that, just some bug reports:

I can't delete the "logs" using FTP, what's the matter?

The FTP user (say "ftp") may not be the same as the web service's user (say "www"). When a new click is logged, and the log doesn't exist, "www" creates it, with various permissions, and most of the time "ftp" has only the read access. So "ftp" can't delete it, only "www" can do it.

Published by 118 on June 3rd, 2010 at 04:16 p.m..


Ben 5 year(s) 1 month(s) ago at 15:29
Ben How much will the script affect average page load time?
Yvan 5 year(s) 1 month(s) ago at 05:36
118 Yvan There's no impact on load time, as the script is run at the end of the body. You can run it asynchronously too.
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